DCOU Friday #6

Six weeks, I think. Whoa. What?

Hold on, I got to do the math in my head. Six weeks of DCOU Friday, and Summer is only starting. Well, I don’t know. This whole deal has made summer almost non-existent, hasn’t it? Day after day bleeds into the next one.

Today is BIG! Like, I’m talking…

Took me an hour attempt and I couldn’t make a big chungusgami. I’ve never been really good with my hands unless it’s for writing.

Maybe you could fold it.


So, we have the finale for Teen Titans: FOLD! Season 2, a special two-parter event. All in one night! It will make you go “Oh no!” and then “Oh yeah!”

Then, we have Episode 4 of Hades’ blockbuster hit “The Folders of Tomorrow Season 2

And a new episode of Kid Fold Season 2 as well.

After your popcorn is all done, why don’t you hanker down with some buncha crunch or <Insert favorite candy here> and read my new story Wonder Girligami: Biting Off More than I could Chew. I’ll be honest, it’s to tie up a plot hole in Batfold 2 and set up something in Justice Pleats. But I think the character of Jessie was fun to write.

Brief Synopsis: Someone has stolen Ernest McPherson’s watch, and Jessie wants to be the one to find it.

Oh no, you finished your favorite candy? Don’t have anymore food to snack on? Gonna cry? We’ll, I just asked three Questions. Now, I have one more question for you: What’s that new Main Line Tale?

That’s right baby, THE ORIGAMI QUESTIONBy Superfolder Guillermo!

This, like Brother Voodoodle, is a special case as Guillermo wrote a really good story that we thought would be worth to put in the main-line. It’s fairly contained, yes, but I think the character would be awesome to use. I hope you guys enjoy it.

And MOU Zombies has had a new chapter out! Check it! Water….

Anyways, let’s move on to the special things, those little fun at the end bites.

I wanted to do this for a long time: Interviews with our users. So, I decided to do an interview with the homeslice homedog home-in-the-middle of the street, The god of the Underworld, the Rich one, the Illustrious, Pluto? Like the dog? Any other name for this stooky fella: HADES!!

*Cue some good entrance music*

Q: Hey man, so, as one of the many writers we have making stories for this world, I was just wondering how everything is going?
A:Well, not gonna lie, I kind of have back to back stories going on here, and having to run my own IRL Justice Pleats, and being honest, there’s not that much time for me to just do whatever I want. I don’t know how you mods do it. You run a site and pump out a bunch of stories. I’m still trying to find my ground in my writing, Folders season 2 was really about me just trying out the waters. Seeing what fits. I’m doing good though, thanks for asking. 

Q: So, what do you think of the DCOU in its current state?
A:I quite frankly, really love it, it’s what really got me back into DC Comics. I’m also seeing these very subtle little teasers of what’s to come that are hard to get if you haven’t read the comics which is nice.

Q: Could you give some insight into the original draft of Aquapleat? I mean, we’ve both seen it, but tell everyone about how different it was lol
A:Oh boy, you’re opening up a whole new can of worms, originally Aqualelat crossed over WAY more with other stories, I called the Fold the OriFlash, it was also kind of interactive and I made some YouTube videos (One contained a very inappropriate easter egg) for it. I think I forgot to make one unlisted and Toadmort got a notification for it, and he was so confused. Good times. As for the plot, it was meant to be set on a field trip to Greece, where crazy things ensue, it also had the Black Manta in it. You can still read the first chapters here

Q: What’s your favorite Origami Universe? Why?
A: I have a soft spot for the Tom’s series, but on this site I have a tie with the MOU and DCOU, I love the MOU because it basically brought this site back from the dead, and the DCOU, because it gives light to DC characters who would otherwise be forgotten in time, I remember when you told me Foldifer would be in Batfold 2 and I basically had a seizure.

Q: When did you first find this site?
A: So I remember I saw Origami Yoda (The 1st book) in passing glance, I thought “heh,that’s a bit weird” and went on with my day.  Eventually somehow that stuck in my mind and I picked up Jabba the Puppet when I found it in the library, I went on with this crazy rando reading order, and when I finished the series I checked out Tom’s site, when I went to the Blogroll, I saw “The Origami Yoda fanfiction site” and decided to check out this place ironically, I ended up actually enjoying things here and I actually became a regular right before the MOU came out. Then I made an account and commented on Thorigami II

Q: We’re in a big transitional period right now. Going from OYEU to SFC, what has been the wildest change in your opinion?
A:Really the site’s look and feel. it’s much less mobile friendly, but it seems light it would look good on desktop. I also find it wild how we’re basically reviving old BTFolds stuff, I’m reviving Foldy Jackson and the Origamians (With a wildly different pace, story, you name it, but I still try to pay homage sometimes.) 

Q: If you could see a main-line story in the MOU, what would it be?
A: I currently have a story in the works that’ll probably be mainline, but I want to collaborate with Noah with a Hercules story. My plan is that it would be in the ROU and MOU, but I’d adjust it so that it fits MOU canon.

Q: How about the DCOU? What main-line deal would you like to see?
A: I’m happy with what I’m currently writing I the mainline, but I would like to see someone else adapt Neil Gaiman’s Gaiman’s Sandman, if that happens I’d also love to collaborate with you on anything DCOU. 

Q: What’s your favorite Marvel film?
A:Ooh, tuff one. I’d say Night-Monkey  Far From Home, or Infinity War

Q: Favorite DC film?
A: Batman 89′ 

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: Sort of. I have this dog, or technically she’s the family dot, and I’m the one who basically takes care of her, but she kind of hates my guts, I mean, she doesn’t bite. She just kind of whines, and tries to run away from me when I pet her. My dog is a jerk. She also looks like a doe. (A dear, a female dear.)

Q: How’s that grill working for you?
A:I got it done! My Mom found the screw and I replaced it. She still doesn’t know about my cotter pin substitute. 

Q: Finally, the last question: What do you have to say to the audience at home?
A:I love you all, and I really feel like we’re family, yes, some of our older brothers are becoming distant, but they still write us letters! We all know there’ll be a family reunion soon. 

Okay, but in all seriousness stay fresh homies, peace out. I love yall!



Thank you, Hades. Always good to hear this stuff from you guys. I’m going to be spinning a wheel for our next guy on our list!

It’s… according to my Wheeldecide… Thrawn!!!

I’ll be contacting you soon! If you want to do it, Awesome! If not, I totally understand!


*Shuffles papers all around*

Now, it’s time for the “Did you know DCOU” portion! This is a section where I can give some directors notes, some background ideas, etc.

  1. Fun fact! SuPaperMan went through many writers before finally coming to CJ. We had Mega3, then Cammy, then JC, then Jawa for a bit, and then we landed on CJ. We have been afflicted with our own Superman curse.But hopefully, it’s alleviated.
  2. A long while back, we planned to introduce the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into the DCOU. Jawa was planning on writing that.
  3. We have a whole list of One Shots on a google doc, just ideas with characters on them. We have a growing list, about fifty four different stories (including jokes) on there. Some One-Shots I’d like to see, for example, would be Huntress, Adam Strange, and a Ma and Pa Kent story. Email me if you want that list at Dc.Origami.Universe@Gmail.com!
  4. Okay hear me out about the Ma and Pa Kent story, When Supaperman comes out, wouldn’t it be funny if there was these two students that are all “awww Supaperman, We’ll be nice to you” and stuff like, I don’t know, just throwing it out there. We’ll have to see where CJ’s Supaperman goes, though.
  5. When I had plans for the DCOU to be canned, I wanted Alan Wade to transfer to Kirby and become Moon Knight.
  6. The original plan for Batfold: Novick Detention was supposed to end with CONRAD again! We have different plans now, obviously.
  7. For the last fact: In the original plans for the DCOU, I wanted Supaperman to become increasingly evil, and then in Justice Pleats (originally called Justice Folds) it’s Injustice: Gods Among Us. I then went “That’s stupid.”


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  1. Nice Boi Hades

    You’re a bit early, but I see why.

  2. Nice DCOU Friday! Enyartaining!

  3. Ol100, Bring it! also I sent you an email so if you could just reply to that with the questions that would be great.

  4. Potato dabber

    “DCOU friday”
    Mou zombies: allow me to introduce myself

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