I am so late… BTFolds Wednesday #2

Okay, I can explain:

Yesterday, I was super duper busy. I had a lot of stuff going on, and we had a new story for the Wizarding Folds, and two new chapters for the Legend of Zeldagami.

Because I was really busy, I wasn’t able to edit these. We always go through and proofread and edit the stories of their grammatical errors, and I really could’ve timed myself better and edited over the course of days. But, they’re edited, and they’re here. I know, it’s not Wednesday.

Fantastic Folds: GrindelFold’s Comeback is the sequel to Fantastic Folds, and is an amazing story by superfolder Guillermo! Great job, homie!

The Legend of Zelda-Gami Chapters 3-4 is really interesting, as we can see new villains based on the Nintendo game series “The Legend of Zelda.” Great job, Origami Master!


Now, some trivia:

  1. You guys did guess Jar Jar’s new universe! I’m really excited for it, we’re both shaping it up to be, as we would say “Stooky.”
  2. I don’t have much trivia, I’ll find something better to do for these

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  1. origami_master53


  2. Nice Boi Hades

    The OG draft of Aquapleat was so cringe

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