DCOU Friday #5 – An Interview!


So, we have three chapters of three stories: Folders of Tomorrow Season 2, Teen Titans: Fold! Season 2, and Kid Fold Season 2

Sadly, no new chapter for Green Arrowigami 2 this week.

This week, we have an interview with me! These questions were brought to me by Hades.


Q: What did it feel like when you got the idea for the DCOU?

It was actually before I joined the Council, I was working on “Batfold: Rebirth.” I’ve attempted this idea twice before (2012 and 2015) and it never really worked. I thought the same would happen again! And then we brought it back and it came back in full force and it’s been, no joke, my pride and joy.


Q: Batfold 3?

Yes. You’ll see. It’s in Fold 2.


Q: How did it feel writing Batfold, knowing it was meant to kick off an entire universe

There was a bit of weight on my shoulders. I had ideas, and it’s changed a lot. There was originally a school for Green Creaser, and one for Wonder Folder. Then we realized things would work better elsewhere and in other ways.


Q: Was it hard to sell the rest of the council on the DCOU?

Eh… I don’t remember, I don’t think so. Especially now, it allows for tad darker stories and stuff. Now, there’s been things in the DCOU that have caused small debates that we’ve been able to come to conclusions on. 

I think that there was an initial fear that the DCOU would be a repeat of the MOU.


Q: If you can reveal this one, what is your next story in the DCOU other than Batfold stuff and Justice Pleats stuff?

I can reveal this! We have Wonder Girligami soon, but I’m planning on doing a Donner Story, I’m thinking of something fresh.


Q:Which Batfold do you prefer, the New 2012,Rebirth, or Novick?

Novick. Rebirth was me just getting my foot in the water, trying to figure out where to go. Novick changes Alan from a rip-off of Bruce Wayne to something that’s his own. He’s cocky, prideful, and more. Maybe he’s a little bit scared, like, constantly.


Q:How far is the DCOU planned ahead before it was announced?

I’ll be honest, I only had ideas for Supaperman (AKA superfold back then) and Batfold. Now it’s expanded with the Fold and stuff and I’m super hyped to show you guys what goes down.


Q: What is a DCOU story that you haven’t written that you are very excited to be posted?

Guillermo has done a very amazing one shot that I’m excited to release but it’s going to release after Justice Pleats! He’s done amazing work. He also wrote a “The Question” One Shot which is really entertaining. Released on the same day as Green Creaser, a story by SF Thrawn will be released too. I’ve also been reading what CJ has done for Supaperman. Dude, it’s awesome. I love what he has done.


Q: What important character has already been introduced, that we just overlook?

Matthew Yen has a whole story to him that doesn’t get talked about enough!  The Fold is so important for Justice Pleats and he deserves more attention. Noah did an amazing job, especially with trying to make Matthew’s story look like a personal narrative he had to write for school. I think you can find italicized words, which, fun fact: that’s meant to be Matthew including vocab words into his narrative.


Q: Sneak Peek of Justice Pleats?

“Really?” Alan asked, “Who painted this on my pool table?!”

“Well, it’s our first meeting. It’s only right.” I said, the bucket still in my hand, “I hope that old guy upstairs is fine with me taking this paint, by the way.”


Q: You said that you tried to make a Bat Fold before you used Captain_Origami’s, can we see some, if you still have them?

No 😦 I wish I did.


Q: Who all is in the Justice Pleats?

Alan Wade, Theresa Carter, JC Russell, Stuart Jones, Matthew Yen, and Christopher Booth.


Q: Favorite Memory from the DCOU

Batfold:Novick Detention’s ending is my favorite memory. It’s what separates The Wade from the Wayne. When he reveals himself, it will come with a whole new slew of challenges.


Q: Do you watch stuff like Comicstorian, ComicDrake, Watchtower Database, Variant Comics, Casually Comics, and anything like that for ideas?

I watch Comicstorian (he does awesome audio dramas) and Comics Explained. They’re really similar. Lately Casually Comics has been in my feed and I’ve been watching a lot of it. The black canary one is what made me realize that that character is so interesting and I’m excited to see how YodaForce uses her. I watch Comic Drake whenever I cook, and Variant whenever I vacuum. It’s tradition. In Fact, as I edited these stories, I’ve been watching Comic Drake’s Green Lantern videos.


Q: How do you feel about Vertigo comics? We already have 2 out of the 3  important characters (Lucifer, Heckblazer, and Morpheus)

Foldifer Morningpleat is so charismatic and funny, I love him. I love vertigo. It’s good.


Q: Do you like the DC book, Kingdom Come?

I haven’t read that yet 😦 Oh Wait-

Yes I have. I like it, it’s an interesting take and I love the art style. Don’t expect anything like that in the main line.


Q: You said Justice Pleats Dark is happening in fold 3, am I still in to write that or is it cancelled?

We’re hyped for this story… actually, I’ll confirm it here: JUSTICE PLEATS DARK. A mainline story for Fold 2


Q: Will the DCOU be closer to the Snyder vision or the current plan for the DCEU? 

They’re based on neither! The story is something out of the cartoons, like JLU. 


Q:Do you think Tom Angleberger has read any of the DCOU?

Probably not.


Q: How come you don’t have a page in the wiki?

Personal reasons. Just didn’t want to have one. I used to but I didn’t like my face being plastered haha.



Q: When were you indoctrinated into the council?

Back in 2018!


Q:  What is your first story on this site?

Batfold: the New 2012.


Q: Will you ever write an MOU story?

I’ve done Foldians, scissor blade, and I have a story completed for Fold 4. I’m also working on a one shot for Fold 4.


Q: Favorite story that you haven’t written?

Oooooh… Thorigami or Origvenom.


Q: Favorite story that you have written?

Batfold Two.


Q: What story from back in your day do you have to share with us younglings?

Long ago, there was a dude named Nonomous that I somehow had helped take down but I don’t remember how. He was a hacker, I guess? I don’t know.


Q: What was the hardest decision you ever had to make on this site?

I had something here, but I wasn’t there for that, actually. The hardest Decision I think I had to make was the cancellation of the DCOU months ago.


Q: Can you please, and I mean please, make a version of this site for mobile users. I have to hold down my finger for like 3 seconds just for the menu to drop down, and there’s just another menu! Menu upon menu, upon menu! It’s outrageous! OUTRAGEOUS I say! 

I don’t know how to do that! But I’ll try!


Q: How do you think a choose your adventure story could work in the EU?

Ooooh I don’t know. That’s TOUGH! I’d say there’d be different pages that kids would click on. It was done before, if I recall correctly.


Q: This is more of a statement than a question, but I have to say that you mods are terrible with release dates. I just have to point that out. 

I have to apologize for this. We’re trying to be a bit quiet on a lot of release dates.

My thing is, Green Creaser and Supaperman have had many writers in the past. Supaperman was originally by Mega, then it was by Cammy, then JC, now it’s CJ. There’s a lot of changes, but it’s all good now.



Q: How do you feel on the Snyder Cut?

It’s interesting but I don’t know if it will actually be good.


Q: How did you feel about the Justice League movie?

I saw it with a friend and forgot about it a day later.


Q: Favorite Comic?

Watchmen. Oh, and this spider-man comic where he forms a team to take out Doc Ock. 


Q: Favorite Movie?

Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse or Logan (wink).


Q: Favorite Book?

Percy Jackson 2


Q: Are the legends true?

You do know they’re all pumperdinkle, right? Maybe a quarter of it happened, and not like this. There wasn’t a hero in spandex to come save the day.


Q: Favorite flavor of Ice Cream?

I like chocolate with chocolate chips and syrup.


Q:How are you doing these days?

I’m good, stressed as all get out.


Q: Top 7 fictional characters?

  1. Batman
  2. Ben 10
  3. Percy Jackson
  4. Dexter (from Dexter’s lab)
  5. Eggsy 
  6. Minecraft steve
  7. Whoever is the brother in super smash bros


Q: How do you feel about my adventures with my IRL Justice Pleats, and OM_53’s Tin Titans?

I think it’s STOOKY! It feels really good.


Q: Who shot first?



Q: What are your career aspirations

To write for DC or Marvel.


Q:How do you feel about Ś̵̹̼̞̠̤̫̜̗̣̜̳̅͜ö̵̗̺́̽̏̋̀͘c̷̙͇̒́̌̓̾̓͌̏̈́͊͗̑́͘i̵̼̩̟̘͕̘̽̎̄̇̆͒̊̅̏̈́̔͘͘͝ͅȩ̷̨̤͔̳̱̜͉̳̱̝̉̿̇̊͗̀͜t̶̡̠͍̦̝͍͔͍͇̲͕̓̋̈́̃͂͊̽͒̓̔ͅÿ̴̪́̈́͗̀ (Did you like Joker?)

I liked the movie but man I wouldn’t watch it again. (june 4)

I just watched it again today. I can’t believe myself. (June 7)


Q: Thoughts and opinions on the DCEU?

Could’ve been a lot better…


Q: How low can you go?

All the way to the floor


Q: Can you go to the flo?

No 😦


Q: Time to answer the great question asked by lord Jar Jar Pleats: If it’s geese for multiple goose, is it meese for multiple moose?



Q: If you watched the Big Bang Theory, which of the guys would you say you are most like?

Oh no oh no oh no I don’t know the one that says bazinga


Q: What’s 33×78? C’mon man, I need this to pass the grade. (This is a joke question, duh.)

Okay so I’m doing this while watching Tv.



8×3 24 carry that 2 264

0 7×3 is 21 2210 add 2210 and 264 that’s 2474 but my calculator says 2574 so imma be real it’s wrong


Q:Have you seen Crisis on Infinite Earths?

I don’t like CW! Lol.

Fun fact this is why you probably won’t see me write for Lampert. That’s the CW realm. 


Q: A message to the Superfolders?

Keep writing. I love you all.


Q: A message to Mr. Angleberger? 

Thank you.



So, that was DCOU Friday.

But, I have a quick question that I want to hear you all answer:

What would YOU like to see in the DCOU? Is there a story you want to write but don’t know if you can?
For me, I’d love to see a story based on Earth 26’s heroes. It would be a one shot.

Also, some more in depth looks at the Folders of Tomorrow, like Jonah Hexigami.

So yeah, that’s it!

See yall!



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  1. Nice Boi Hades

    I actually plan to go more in depth with the individual members in season 3! I set up a bunch of plot points that will lead to more character development in the future.

    • Nice Boi Hades

      Also, in regards to Earth-26, you mods confuse me.

      • OrigamiLuke100

        Dude! It’s the ZOO CREW

        • Nice Boi Hades

          ZOO CREW
          ZOO CREW
          ZOO CREW
          ZOO CREW
          ZOO CREW

          • OrigamiLuke100

            Also, I’d be up to see The pirate earth Earth 31 (Leatherwing and stuff), and Earth 19 (Gotham By Gaslight) as one shots that would be based around students learning history. Like, “Oh cool, we’re in the victorian era, I made a puppet of Batfold in this outfit.” I don’t know, there’s a lot that’s possible and I’d give the okay on most separate universes being one shots of kids basing their characters on these different stories.
            We could have a Batfold: Flying into the Batfoldiverse Lol

            • Nice Boi Hades

              I would legit love a Batfold: Flying into the Batfoldiverse, that title sounds so cringey and I love it, I do however want to see where you go with an actual Batfold 3.

  2. Yo Hades and Peyton the interview was really entertaining

    • Nice Boi Hades

      Thanks! Oh yee, for some reason on this site me and Peyton just have back and forth witty banter all the time like we’re old chums but in emails we’re strictly business focused. It’s funny.

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