DCOU Friday Numero Four

Hey guys, we’ve decided to give you some more than just “Oh, new stories!”

So, I’m happy to explain to you guys the DCOU Timeline!

This will also give some hints to what’s to come in Green Creaser, SuPaperMan, and Justice Pleats.

Screenshot (219)

Okay, maybe it won’t actually give “Hints” But at least you know when this takes place, what time these stories are in, and more.


Episodes 2 for Green Arrowigami Season 2, Teen Titans: FOLD! 2 and Kid Fold Season 2 are… OUT!

Episode 3 for FOLDERS OF TOMORROW 2 is out as well!


Next week will include an interview from Hades to me.

If you have One-Shot ideas, feel free to email me!



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  1. Nice Boi Hades

    Wait, Folders of Tommorow takes place canonically before Alan Wade even BECOMES Batfold. Wait, so if someone is read in chronological order then mine is the first story? I feel important.

  2. Nice Boi Hades

    Hol up, Imma just make a retcon, this is to fix the continuity.

    In Aquapleat, when Daniel mentioned him doubting that his brother is Chronos, he is in fact still in shock, and denying it. It was already revealed. There, I fixed the continuity.

    (I hope you understand what I’ fixing with this retcon.)

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