DCOU Friday Number Three!

Can you believe that the call for more Episodes has brought five new stories to us?

The Episodic structure is already a success, as I’ve seen some users have taken to writing short stories based on their characters, which, in turn, brings a larger word count. It’s an awesome exercise, heck, I know some users are doing collaborations together on these. It’s great!

So… Let’s get started.

I know these have already been posted probably for about thirty minutes now, I had to edit one more story and it was on short notice.

Kid Fold Season 2 -Johnathan Yen is BACK! And He’s trying to figure out who the Pleatster is. Will he figure it out? Get excited! Episode 1 is out NOW!

Teen Titans: FOLD! Season 2 – The TT:F! Cast returns to take on Tri-Fold in this exciting tale of mystery!

Green Arrowigami Season 2: Future Funk! – Cooper King is going on adventures again as the Green Arrowigami, after that amazing cliffhanger left in the first story.

The Files of Mad Duck Taper – A completed One-Shot, this story focuses and expands on the origins of Bob Markov, a character seen in Batfold: Novick Detention. I’m VERY Proud of SF Guillermo on this.

Folders of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 2 – The Clock King Strikes! Will the folders, now with the help of the Heatwave puppet “Microwave” figure out who it is and stop him? See and find out!


On a really sentimental note, I’m extremely happy to be seeing content of the Universe I started, and I’m really proud to see you guys work with what we have. Justice Pleats, Supaperman: Genesis and Green Creaser are coming soon (Not in that Order), and I’m super duper excited to present them all to you.

Thank you, keep reading and writing!

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  1. origami_master53

    I finished Green Arrow-gami and Kid Fold! 2 I will read the rest later! 🙂

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