It’s DCOU Friday… Again!

Unlike last week, we only have two stories, but allow me to explain something new:


“Episodes” is me and SF Hades’ way of saying “Hey, these chapters will be released every week.” These will ONLY be done on your CW based stories, such as Green Arrowigami (if Yodaforce wants to do another one), Folders of Tomorrow, and other DCOU Puns.

This helps us writing the main stories, because with each DCOU Friday, there’s a chance a new DCOU one shot chapter will be released, to keep you still involved in the universe and we won’t have to worry about weekly releases.

… Anyways, let me show you the new stories.

Firstly, there’s the new Wonder Folder, by Superfolder Skywalker. Fun fact, this was completed back in 2019 before the Fold even released. So, yeah, that’s why the acknowledgements are like that. The story follows Theresa Carter, member of the Amazon Girl Scout Troop as she tries to obtain the name of Pleatana: The Wonder Folder.

And the First Episode of Folders of Tomorrow Season 2: The Inconveniencing. A haunting is going on in a Convenience store, and the Folders must solve what’s going down.



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  1. The fact of DCOU Friday is just awesome

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