It’s DCOU Friday…

Hey there, everyone!
It’s time for DCOU Friday, which means one thing:

A new Main Story, a new One Shot, and a new elseworld tale!

Our Main Story, Aquapleat, is another Lampert story that follows JC Russell as he takes up the mantle of Aquapleat. Thanks to Superfolder Hades for writing this!

Origami Master’s stories “Teen Titans: FOLD!” And “Kid Fold!” are both awesome stories! Teen Titans: FOLD! Is an elseworlds at Titans Middle School. Kid Fold is a one-shot, following Matthew Yen’s little Cousin, another Freshman at Lampert. Johnathan Yen takes on King Crease, AKA King Shark. I hope you all enjoy these! More is to come, and the DCOU’s Fold One is Halfway done now!


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  1. origami_master53

    Teen Titans FOLD!

  2. Will there be an MOU Friday?

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