Cam and Noah’s Foldmania | #9 Captain Americut!

Today, we folded the third member of the MOU ‘Big Four’, Captain Americut! (Personally, he’s my favorite character in the MOU so far!)

Origami Name: Captain Americut
Character: Andy Gardner
Description: As Captain Americut, Andy Gardner is looked to as the leader of the OrigAvengers, and really, the whole of the communities at Kirby and Wheeler. He is humble, kind, and most importantly, loyal to everyone around him, and those qualities. makes him the most trusted leader in both schools. It took him awhile to finally accept that fact, but now he fulfills his role confidently.
Noah and Cam’s Puppets:


SuperFolder Puppets:


by SF Thrawn!

Tomorrow, our puppet is…OrigVenom, Ezra’s puppet! If you’re interested, get folding and send entries to

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