An Interview with SF JC! As Conducted By SF Guillermo

Hi, guys! JC here! I just wanted to give a quick thanks to SF Guillermo for conducting this interview with me! I hope you enjoy!

How is everything going for you?
Life’s going kinda crazy right now. Lots of ups and downs, with very little in-between. It’s either high highs or low lows, and most of it is beyond my control. I’m just gonna keep pushing through and having faith that my efforts will eventually prove fruitful in the long run! And I’m having a blast visiting the OY EU again! Things are going okay right now!

Are you studying a career? Which one? If I may ask.
I am studying for a business degree! I’m on my second year of college right now.

Whats you favorite origami universe? Why is that?
I’ve gotta say the classic Origami Yoda/McQuarrie universe. The MOU, DCOU, and OYEU are awesome, but I have a soft spot for the one that started it all.

Your favorite origami story? Of all?
That’s a great question. The original Fold of the Rings story was a big highlight for me, since we had both Tom’s acknowledgement of it, and the appreciation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s estate. So we had some authentic acknowledgement from both the Origami Story Master and the Middle-Earth Master!
Similarly, I love The Grand Finale: The Chosen One. It was the original conclusion of the EU prior to the Bounty Hunters Saga, and it will always have a place in the OY EU legacy. And there’s even some particular aspects of Twilight of the Student which I would place very high in my favorite scenes in the whole OY EU! I can’t wait for you to see it.

Do you miss those old days of OYEU?
The old days were spectacular! I remember day one, when Jawa first built a website so I could showcase my little Origami Chewbacca fan-fiction story. It clearly expanded into something bigger than I’d ever imagined! I do sorta miss the wild stuff. Jacob Minch causing explosions and the frequent arrival of “new kids” with their own origami characters causing havoc in the school. I also miss the large number of SuperFolders and SuperWriters we used to have. There used to be soooooo many SuperFolders on the website! I miss the three-hundred-comment-long posts on the site. But other than those aspects, I love the modern age of the EU. Our writers have grown in their storytelling proficiency, as have I, and I really enjoy getting to tell new stories in the Origami Yoda universe with the additional writing knowledge I’ve obtained over the years.

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
Anakin Skywalker, C-3PO, Palpatine, Obi-Wan, Legends Grievous, Count Dooku, Finn, Baby Yoda…gosh, so many. But Anakin is my overall favorite. He’s the Chosen One! And he learned that grace and forgiveness can always come to you, no matter how far you’ve fallen. It’s a beautiful story of redemption which is the center of the entire Skywalker Saga.

Favorite Marvel Character?
Spider-Man is my all-time favorite Marvel hero, with Hulk close behind! With great power…!

Now let’s get personal… AKA… Ya exited for final season of the Clone Wars???
I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE CLONE WARS!!!!!! I LOVED last episode, A Distant Echo’s opening scene!

How do you manage to study so much and still be running the EU behind the scenes?
In all honesty, I really don’t. Not anymore. The modern EU is mostly run by the rest of the OY EU Council. Noah, Cam, Peyton. And as we said in our interview, Adam and CJ. I mostly get to study as much as I need to, and I get to occasionally add important story details or ideas into the fold (pun unintended).

Can you teach us the ways?
If you want to go on a writing journey like no other, stay tuned! I have begun work on a book which acts as a writing workshop for aspiring authors! I may not be able to tell you how to get to Tom’s level, but I can certainly try and steer you in the direction I took with my stories, which is now leading me to my first self-published books!

Have you ever liked LEGO? Which one was your favoutite?
My favorite LEGO brand is probably LEGO Indiana Jones. There’s just something nostalgic about it that I really enjoy. As for the video games, LEGO Star Wars II was the original and best for me!

Whats favorite subject?
My favorite school subjects are art and English, both of which don’t get taught at my college to the degree that I’d like, since I’m focusing on business, but I still find the time to study in these subjects.

How did you feel when you had to cancel the truly awesome school awakens back in 2017? Or 2016? I can’t remember.(I was going to play Kylogami Ren) 😦
The School Awakens was originally my brainchild, though it quickly evolved into Adam and CJ’s creation. I had some ideas regarding the story—a girl named Reina and a boy named Marcus and their journeys alongside the old legends of the abandoned McQuarrie Middle School—but our OY EU stories and OY: The Series Finale took the story in other directions. I’m sorry you didn’t get to play Marcus/Kylo! That’s nostrul!!

Can you speak Spanish?
Si! I took Spanish class for a couple years during high school.

Who puts mayo on a hot dog?
I always used to think mayo was gross on a hot dog, but now I kinda like it! Weird how tastes change, huh?

Mustard or mayo?
Mmmm…. Spicy brown mustard beats all other condiments!

Think about the past, way back in 2013, would you have imagined all these stories?
Oh, certainly not. I had a decent plan for the Bounty Hunters Saga around that time, and that DID contain a lot of stories, but I never expected all these Legends tales and MOU/DCOU spin-offs to gain such a following and a plethora of new and exciting stories!!

Now, think about the future. How do you think the site is going to evolve?
I think the website is going to hopefully expand into a place where anyone with an idea involving origami and a story can create a fully-realized adventure to be displayed for their peers. And hopefully, maybe Tom will one day write another tale with all our old friends, and new SuperWriters will be inspired to continue the journey!

When we are old, have families and stuff, I hope this site remains, who do you think will be in charge?
Oh, man. To be honest with you, I think there will come a day when the Expanded Universe website becomes more of an archive. We’ve already released an MOU phase 1 omnibus, with an OY EU Bounty Hunters Saga omnibus on the way. I think, eventually, all the EU stories will be compiled into easily-read formats which can be viewed in tandem with Tom’s books. I don’t believe the site will ever be deleted. I think one day we will simply move on to new horizons and officially close down the production of new stories on the website. But that’s a ways away from right now. And if someone wants to take charge of the EU after these generations have grown, then more power to them!

Do you ever think that, in the future, way after Mr Angleberger and us,( present day superfolders) there will still be superfolders in the world?
As long as there are ideas in people’s hearts and paper to be folded, there will always be SuperFolders.

Is Twilight of the Student or Infinity Folds releasing first?
Twilight!! Coming tomorrow!!!!!!!

Alright, guys! Big stuff coming up! Be sure to check out Twilight of the Student tomorrow at noon! It’s the grand finale of the modern OY EU stories!!! It’s written by the whole OY EU Council!!!! I can’t wait to hear what you think!!!!!!

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  1. Grand Master Skywalker

    JC, you are a precious cinnamon roll and you must be protected.

    Also, I’m loosely remaking the School Awakens as a Legends story, and that’s set for sometime between August and December. Except, I renamed it “The Rise of Kylogami Ren,” because personally…you guys didn’t put a lot of thought into that title. 😅

    So this interview was fun to read. Twilight tomorrow!

    • To be fair, the reason it was called The School Awakens in the first place was because originally the story was meant to revolve around the re-opening of McQuarrie Middle School. Essentially, McQuarrie had eventually closed down, and after years of abandonment, Virginia decided to re-open the school, but they sought out school-aged volunteers to help re-model the building as a form of community service, as these particular kids had gotten into all sorts of mischief in the past, especially the one named Marcus. As the kids find a torn McQuarrie origami banner in the hallway, and dig out some old case files from lockers, they piece together the story of McQuarrie Middle School, fold their own origami, and start a new legacy as they work to re-open the school, against the efforts of Marcus/Kylo Pen. The School Awakens.
      Don’t worry, we always pick our titles carefully!

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