Some Story Clarification…

So, it seems that has been a bit of confusion of late on the types of stories that are allowed to be written in the MOU/DCOU.

When it comes to the MOU and the DCOU, you can totally be a writer. We really do want everyone who wants to to be a part of this site! However, you can’t just write a story set in the Main MOU/DCOU unless you are assigned. There is more leniency in One-Shots and especially Elseworlds, where you can pretty much write whatever. You still have to be okayed for One-Shots but go crazy on Elseworlds, please.

If you have an idea for a Main story, please email it to us, or contact us in a more private fashion. That way, we can see if it’ll work and make the decision from there.

But, when it comes to the EU Legends, write whatever you want. Email it to us first, obviously, but that place is a playground that can be played in all you want.

-The Council


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  1. Alright, I’m here. Yes?

    • Grand Master Skywalker

      The MOU zombies will become canon in OrigVenom 5 and 6. Yes, they’re staying for more than one single big action sequence near the end. It will involve Howard and another character who will remain undisclosed.

  2. I’m bamboozled, though I like the idea. But MOUZ takes place in a different universe, so…

    • Grand Master Skywalker

      No. The idea that the plan in Carnagami to bring them back to normal didn’t work. Howard and the undisclosed character bring them back in 5 and them + a third party with their own zombies merge and recreate the OrigSymbiotes as this big, high school student-led military junta. The storyline goes through 5 and 6. I trust you a lot, so if you will, I can actually tell you the plot of 5 and 6 in an even private…r (?) location. The zombies/OrigSymbiotes play a big role. Don’t tell anyone, though.

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