Superfolder Guillermo Presents: An Interview with SF Noah

Similarly to Hades’ interview, SF Guillermo has conducted an interview with SF Noah! Read it here:

Q) What made you join the SuperFolder community in the first place?
A) Reading the books, really. I read the first Origami Yoda book when I was eight years old. I looked up the site and found a bunch of other people who liked it as much as I did and I decided to join the community!

Q) Did you ever fold an Origami Yoda and went around the school giving advice? 
A) It crossed my mind a couple times when I was younger, but I never did.

Q) Do you have any friends at school that belong to the SuperFolder community? 
A) I do not, no. 

Q) Did you like the Origami Yoda: The Series?
A) I did! They’re a bit cheesy, looking back, but it was so cool to see the books be re-enacted by kids like me.

Q) Will the Origami Yoda Bounty Hunters saga ever be continued? Or will Twilight of the Student be the ultimate finale?
A) I can say with certainty that the Bounty Hunters saga is ending with Twilight. However, the EU Legends will still be open to anyone who wants to write!

Q) When did you join the Origami Yoda Jedi council of SuperFolders?
A) I was inducted after I drew the LEGO Origami Yoda minifigures back in October.

Q) How did you do the Origami Yoda minifigures that you did last October? Did you use an App? 
A) I use a drawing program on my computer called FireAlpaca. It’s a great free program and I’ve used it for a long time.

Q) Are you excited for Star Wars Episode IX? 
A) Of course! I can’t wait to see it.

Q) Do you think more origami  universes will be added to the EU apart from Origami Yoda, DC, or Marvel? 
A) Who knows? It remains to be seen if some other enterprising being will create another universe.

Q) Mr. Angleberger once said, “Without the SuperFolders there, could be no balance in the force”. Do you agree? 
A) He’s the boss, so of course I do. The SuperFolders are the ones who have kept the OY universe alive for so long!

Q) Did you like Crease of the Rebellion? 
A) I did! It was a fun story, especially because I liked Rebels when it was airing. Job/JC as the Inquisitor was a fun villain, and Kellen’s turn to the Dark Side was very believable. Incidentally, the Rebels on CJ’s cover were actually folded by myself a long time ago!

Q) Did you enjoy reading The Mantle of Iron Fold? 
A) Again, yes. It was one of the first One-Shots ever written, and it was cool to see that part of the MOU start to take form.

Q) What advice would you give to young and new SuperFolders?
A) My main advice is, make friends in the community! The SuperFolders are a small group, but it’s exciting to see it grow with any new member. 

Q) Have you played the new Star Wars: Battlefront 2?
A) I have, and I like it a lot. 

Q) Who is your favorite movie or series character? 
A) Difficult question. Hmm…I can narrow it down to three: Barry Allen (The Flash), Shawn Spencer (Psych), Peter Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Han Solo (Star Wars).

Q) Did you ever participate in Origami Yoda: The Series? 
A) I never did get the chance. I actually was going to play Jacob Minch in one episode, but the series was cancelled before I could.

Q) How many “Folds” are you planning on the MOU? 
A) Four are planned. Hopefully, Four will be able to start as soon as Three ends.

Q) How did you meet the other EU council members? 
A) Very different ways for each, and I’ll cover them quickly: I met Megan/Phred and JC after writing and sending in Month of the Skyfolders, and they (JC especially) became pretty good friends. I can’t quite remember how I met Evil Jawa and CJ, but I know it was after I’d joined the EU Council myself. Then, I met Camster when me and CJ proposed the MOU to him, and I met OrigamiLuke after he’d expressed an interest in writing for the MOU. 

Q) How long you been a SuperFolder? 
A) I have been a SuperFolder going on…six years, now.

Q) Have you ever gone to Galaxy’s Edge? If not, would you like to go?
A) I have not been, no. I do want to, though. It looks like an incredibly fun place. 

Q) Favourite Star Wars character?
A) Han Solo is probably my most favorite character, but some of my other favorites are Kylo Ren, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, and the Crimson Corsair.

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  1. I’m good thanks!

    Cool! So good, I was also going to be in an OYTS episode in the school awakens( playing poe and bbplate) but it got cancelled unfortunately

  2. May the folds be with you!

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