Cammy and Noah’s Bounty Hunter Adventure | Volume #1

Hey everyone! SFCammy and Noah coming to you with a post.

As the return of the Bounty Hunter Saga nears, we have decided to re-read every Bounty Hunter story that we can! At the end of each story, we’ll rate the tale before us, on 1-10. You’re welcome to read along with us and post your thoughts in the comments as well!

Today, we are reading the first volume, which includes episodes 1-10.

The first story in the Bounty Hunters Saga is The Rise of Jango Fortune, written by the Council’s own Superfolder CJ. It was published on June 20, 2012, so it’s one of the oldest ones there! On with the show.

After the events of Princess Labelmaker, a new student comes to McQuarrie Middle School wielding a cootie catcher styled after Jango Fett, claiming it can grant any wishes. But this student has a few secrets up his sleeve. Is Jango Fortune as good as he seems, or is something more sinister going on under the McQuarrie gang’s noses?

Noah: Jango Fortune starts as most of the old EU stories started; with a new kid coming to school. It was the EU’s own cliche! Every story had it. The culprit this time? A kid not-so-subtly named Tony D. Struction. The problem is that Tony is a biiiiit underdeveloped. What do you think, Cam?

Cam: Yeah, I agree. Tony basically shows up randomly and then leaves. We don’t know much about him. However, I like how CJ incorporated some Kellen-style doodling into the file.

Noah: About the doodle thing, totally. It made Jango Fortune very unique in the BH Saga, and cemented CJ’s place as the Superdoodler of the EU.

Cam: So, what would you rate our first read, Noah?

Noah: Hmm, well, for it’s flaws, it’s definitely written pretty well. It’s short, but gets it’s point across and the McQuarrie gang are all characterized well. It’s major cons are it’s underdeveloped ‘main’ character, Lance’s short Dark Side fake-out, and a suspicious lack of Dwight. However, it does also set up a coming sequel at the end, and it was made the first story of the great BH Saga! I’d say it earns a 6/10

Cam: Considering this was one of CJ’s first stories, I thought he did great. However, I have to agree with that rating. It’s a 6/10 for me, too.

Next up, we have Boba Felt’s Mission, posted to the website a whopping two whole years after Jango Fortune, on Februrary 25th, 2014.

When another new student arrives at McQuarrie, this time wielding Boba Felt, Tommy and Harvey are at it again, using Jack and Boba Felt against each other. But where does Boba Felt’s allegiances truly lie? Find out in Boba Felt’s Mission!

Cam: Once again, we have that classic plot in which a character comes to the school and leaves at the end. Jack brings Boba for a mission (which is the subject of this story), but he moves away about a month later.

Noah: Told you, these types of stories are everywhere in the OYEU. Jack, however, is a bit more fleshed-out than Tony D. Struction, even gaining two chapters. This lets us see that Jack really isn’t a bad guy, he’s just very easily swayable.

Cam: Yeah, Jack switches allegiance several times in the story. Overall, I do miss CJ’s doodles, but the majority of EU stories haven’t had them, which is understandable. Also, after knowing StookyLukey years ago, it’s great to read a story by him!

Noah: Aside from some grammar problems, weak pacing and again very little Dwight and Origami Yoda, I actually preferred this Episode 2 to Episode 1! I’d say it gets a 7/10.

Cam: I actually prefer Episode 1 a bit more, but I think that they both average at about the same rating. It’s a 6/10 for me.

The next story is Episode 3, Revenge of the Felt, written by Superfolder JC! A direct sequel to Boba Felt’s Mission, it was posted just a week and a half later on March 5th, 2014. So, how does it stack up against it’s predecessor?

After Jack and Boba Felt seemingly stole Origami Yoda, Tommy and the gang are on a mission to find him. On a chase that takes them all over Roanoke, are Jack’s motives really so bad, or is something else entirely going on?

Noah: First of all, as a sequel to Boba Felt, this story succeeds. Jack’s character is consistent and the twist at the end it very surprising and fun, if a bit cheesy. It’s also fun to see references to other stories by Tom Angleberger, a theme that permeates all of JC’s stories. However, one slightly annoying plot element was introduced in this story…

Cam: Wishing Skittles. Man, this story was written well, but I wish (pun intended) that this had not come up. The Skittles changed everything about the EU. Suddenly, anything was possible. That gave a catalyst for future stories, but it did take away the middle school vibe for me.

Noah: Very true. So, how would you say it ranks, Cam?

Cam: I may not like the Skittle element, but that aside, I would say this was written better than the two previous stories (would you agree?). So, it’s a 7/10 for me.

Noah: Yep, I’d say that’s an accurate ranking. 7/10 for me as well.

As we roll on, it’s time for Episode 4: The Adventures of Origami Yoda. This was posted originally in 2012, but edited by JC in 2014 to join the new series. It was a collaborative effort of Superfolders Ricky, CJ, and JC to turn it into a full, doodled, McQuarrie-style case file.

What goes on at Dwight’s house when Dwight’s away? Weird stuff, apparently! Follow Origami Yoda in his adventure through Dwight’s big house, avoiding cats, making friends and most importantly defeating the Dark Side!

Noah: This is one story that is very weird and strange in a charming way.

Cam: This story is different from the others in that it doesn’t take place at McQuarrie MS. In a way, it’s actually a breath of fresh air. It develops Origami Yoda and Dwight as characters. It can be random sometimes, but it was very funny. I loved the occasional references to Tom, JC, and Jessie. Plus, at the Epilogue, there’s a mention of a certain person named Jacob… For me, it scores an 8/10.

Noah: I’d say it scores a 6/10 for me, actually. It was just a bit too weird, but it’s still a fun, unique look at Origami Yoda.

Our next story, Episode 5: The Week of Emperor Papertine, came out in 2012 but was added to the Bounty Hunters Saga in 2014. It was written by Superfolder JohnF. It’s the longest story yet! This is the original EU story, too, creating one of the longest-running characters in the EU, and arguably the most famous: Jacob Minch.

As a new student arrives at McQuarrie, the school welcomes him with open arms. Yet, as the plot unfolds, it turns out that there may be more to the newcomer than meets the eye.

Cam: This story is one of my favorites. I remember the shredder scene clearly, even though it has been years since I last read it.

Noah: Oh, yes. This is the story that defined the EU, I feel. A new character, new origami, vaguely life-threatening situations, Harvey being good, the whole shebang.

Cam: While Jacob once again is a character that shows up in the start of the story and leaves by the end, it set up his return in future case files.

Noah: Last thing: I do think it shows its age a bit. But, the nostalgia factor keeps me going. I give it a 9/10.

Cam: Completely agree. 9/10.

Noah: Onwards!

This next story needs a bit of an explanation. A game run by Superfolder StookySauce, Battles was sort of like a psuedo-Pokemon type thing. So, StookySauce wrote a story about it!

Origami Yoda and Battles was written by StookySauce as a crossover between McQuarrie and his own game. Was it a good story? Let’s find out.

A strange new fad is messing with McQuarrie: Battles! A kid named Connor has brought his own characters for the McQuarrie gang’s enjoyment, but of course, the gang gets more than they bargained for when a kid claiming to be the Evil Paper Twizzler tries to destroy the game. Will he succeed or will Battles prevail?

Cam: This story was written well. I have to admit, at times, it felt like a bit of an advertisement for the Battles game. Also, it featured the character-joins-McQuarrie-and-leaves-at-the-end thing. Noah, can we come up with a name for this condition?

Noah: This looks like a case of Joiner-Leaver Syndrome, Camster. But yes, I totally agree. I have to say, it’s probably the most well-written story yet, which gives it a good boost. However, Connor and Arnold and fairly lack-luster leads. But as an advertisement it worked, as I did end up following the site all those years ago. XD

Cam: Weighing all of this, I’d give it an 8/10. What about you?

Noah: 7/10 is my rank.

Next in the lineup is Episode 7: The Mystery of the Drawa, written once again by StookyLukey!

The origami of McQuarrie is stolen by a mysterious hooded figure, and nobody has any idea what to do! The crew has to somehow get their beloved folded figures back before they are sold and lost forever!

Cam: May I just start by saying this is my favorite cover yet? The credits note SFHansel and Tyler worked on it, so good job to both of them!

Noah: Indeed. The story is quite fun as well. Thankfully, it breaks the trend of opening with a new student, and instead opens with the origami stolen by the Drawa! It also is the first story in Bounty Hunters to have extensive connections with the previous stories, bringing back several villains from before.

Cam: This is written really well. The references to the previous case files bring some continuity to the Saga. Also, using a Jawa as a villain is a really clever idea. It fits in perfectly with the Jawa’s image from the movies. Ruth is, if I may say it… an Evil Jawa.

Noah: EEEEEEEEY! *Airhorn sounds* But yes, this is one of my favorites so far. I give it a 9/10.

Cam: Right on. 9/10.

Next up, we have Episode 8: The Folds Unleashed. This episode was set up nicely in the previous case file. This came out on April 9, 2014. It was written by SFHansel, JC, and… Camster.

As Tony D. Struction and Ruth finally have the school to themselves, the McQuarrie gang is faced with a difficult task of surviving a week under their control.  

Note: This also has a comment from my (Cam) 2014 self, saying “OMG you used my chapter!!!!! Ten million thank you’d from me!” I was quite mature, wasn’t I? XD

The thing is, looking back, I actually don’t recognize which one of these chapters is my own. No doubt JC made some edits. I’ll have to look it up sometime.

Cam: This story has had a lot of build because it features several of the previous villains all in one story. It’s an interesting story, combining some dark elements with a lot of action. However, at times, it can seem a bit rushed.

Noah: Well, that was another pretty interesting story. I feel that JC is the most consistent writer the EU had, when is good, since he owned it. All of his stories are well-written.

Cam: Hey! I recognize my chapter! It was more like two paragraphs. It’s the beginning of “The New Apprentice”, by Tommy.

Noah: Nice! Good for you. However, this isn’t a favorite of mine. It got a bit confusing, and Tommy’s turn to the dark side and subsequent return to the light was very fast and a bit forced. I’d rank it a 6/10.

Cam: I agree. A lot seemed forced. I’ll give it a 7/10.

Nearing the end of Volume 1, we have The Mystery of the Fortune Clone Trooper, by StarWarsFanMax. The character it introduces, Dan, has endured a lot in the series as it progressed, but is the story worthy of its current legacy?

Another new student can only mean one thing: new problems! When Dan joins McQuarrie bringing his Fortune Clone Trooper along, a mystery begins to unfold with twists and turns aplenty. A whodunit tale with Origami Yoda flair.

Noah: The Fortune Clone Trooper is an interesting one, because it introduces a bunch of EU plot threads, like Dan and the SPL. It’s legacy has endured for a long time, but the story itself kind of suffers for all the new information. It feels a bit bloated and it gets pretty confusing, especially near the end.

Cam: I like the plot twists that the Fortune Clone Trooper has. It’s intriguing and we don’t know who is behind it all until the final chapter. It’s well written and contributes nicely to the story. What’s your ranking, Noah?

Noah: I’d say 6/10. It has redeeming qualities, but it was never one of my favorites.

Cam: I’m going to give it a 8/10. I thought it was well thought out. Maybe a bit rushed, but I liked it.

At the end of Volume 1 of Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters is an infamous story; The Month of the Skyfolders, by Noah. (Me!) And gosh, is it…something.

A new prophecy from Origami Yoda heralds the coming of Noah Jekan, yet another new student. But this one is different, as his joining is the catalyst for a war unlike any McQuarrie has ever seen. Including the return of the feared Jacob Minch, Month of the Skyfolders is one of the EU greats.

Noah: It doesn’t deserve that title, though. I wrote this story when I was about ten years old, having no idea about basic storytelling and the fact that self-inserts were bad. But hey, at least Noah has evolved beyond my original specs for him.

Cam: That was a good story. I liked the twists that it had, particularly Noah being Jacob’s brother. It was more serious than any other previous story but it redeemed itself in the end. There were a couple parts that went by really quickly, but it was a solid conclusion to Volume 1. Noah, how do you rank your story?

Noah: Personally, I think it’s awful, except for the Jacob and Noah twist. I would give my own story a 5/10.

Cam: Geez. I feel it deserves a 7/10, especially in comparison to the first stories that we ranked 6/10.

Noah: Fine, fine, I’ll move it up to 6/10. Still, man…

Noah: So, we got through the whole of Volume 1!

Cam: Yeah man! Good job. From here, I think we can start our sign-off. Thank you everybody for reading. We hope you enjoyed. We’ll be back soon for Volume 2!

Noah: For now, we’ll leave with this; who is your favorite character from Volume 1? Personally, I’m going with the classic Jacob Minch.

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