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A new, different and peculiar rising…

Hey SuperFolders! Your boy Guillermo here!

So to kick-start my career as a junior mod, I decided to start writing a story based on the TV series ‘The Good Doctor”

When a kid with social problems starts a new life in another school, all seems sleazy at first, but with a global pandemic quickly on it’s way, who’s to assure him, or everyone, that all will be like before?

Read it here: https://superfoldercentral.com/the-good-student/!

First two chapters are out, and will be continued each week!

Peace out, guys!

– Guillermo

ROU Sunday #2

Hades here, again, today I’m releasing our second main story, OriGrover and OriJuniper Versus Athens Middle School: The Field Trip of Monsters! Read it here: https://superfoldercentral.com/origrover-underfold-and-orijuniper-the-trip-of-monsters/

Next things next I’ll be unveiling what I have planned for the rest of the ROU in the next few weeks.

Next up I’ll be releasing two Oneshots by Origami Donatello, Origami Travis and Origami Connor Prank The Riordan Origami Universe, and Hunters of Art-emis.

The week after I plan to release a top secret oneshot also by Donatello, but this one is big, and will leave clues to the big one.

Week after won’t have much planned, instead I’ll be taking a peek into the ROU archives to give you some never before seen drafts and information.

Then there’s Starwarsigamimaster’s “The Dreadful Tale of Nico Di Angefold!”

Each and every one of these stories will play a role into… The Demigami Files: The Titan’s Curse Word, which will put the ROU on hold for about a month, though it will get kicking soon after, but that’s something for another day.

So we have five weeks worth of content! Isn’t that great? I’m so proud that things are shaping up, and it truly means the world to me to hear your kind words.

As usual, if you’re interested in writing for the ROU email me at riordan.origami.universe@gmail.com

Quick, but BIG announcement!

Hey guys, I’m back, and with some news that we’ve been trying to hide for a bit, but we just can’t anymore!

Hades and Guillermo have been promoted to Junior Mods that will help with the site and work on their respective universes. They’ll be learning how to edit stories and give feedback, so if you hear from them, know that they’ve learned how to edit from us, and probably should be heard.

Thank you guys, welcome Hades and Guillermo!


|:O No way!

Well… YES WAY! DCOU Friday has made a definitive return, and it’s so exciting!
We’re going to be trying to post almost* every week, and I’m so happy it’s all back.

Linked right here is Noah’s Captain Cold and the Fold. I really really loved this story, because it focused on a character I’ve wanted to see more expansion for: Captain Cold/Percival! Check it out!

ROU Sunday!

Morning gents! So, Hades here, I asked Peyton if I could write out the ROU Sundays, he said sure, so here I am. Today we have a oneshot by Origami Donatello that’ll introduce a few characters, some of which will be very important going forward, and some may already be familiar faces.

Give it a read! Creaseeus Versus The Mina-Tore

Fold 4 Restarts with Guillermo vs. Gar!

The second half of Fold 4 begins today!

The OrigAvengers are in a pickle, alright; without the origami, what are they? Guillermo, the former wielder of Namorigami, thinks he has the answer, but Gar, the former Black Pen-ther, feels otherwise. Check out the story, written by SF Guillermo, now! Read it here!

Wonder Folder: The Holy Grail is out!

Hey guys, so, I’ve been gone all day but I just realized that Holy Grail has been out for well over 12 hours now. Be sure to check it out!

The story is by Superfolder Guillermo, and it follows the very controversial Theresa Carter. Check it out! Wonder Folder: The Holy Grail

Anywho, I’ll be back next week with Noah’s Origami Captain Cold!

See yall!

Venom and Spider-Man Return!

Today there are two stories, but big things for their respective series!

First is Shrednom: Retold, an Elseworlds retelling of the OrigVenom story by SLS himself! Could this be what really happened to Ezra? Read it here!

And second is the Amazing Spider-Fold 3, by Origami Master_53, closing out the story of James Mclongway. Read it here!

Be sure to read ’em both!

Super Smash Folds Brawl is UP!

Hey everyone, Origami Master’s Newest story: Super Smash Folds: Brawl! is up! It’s a really fun crossover with all of these characters, give it a read, yall!

The MCP Saga Continues!

SF Thrawn’s MCP is slowly coming to a close, and this continues the two newest stories! Doctor OriDruid and Captigami Britain have both been posted, so enjoy!