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Pleaty Jackson 2 Is Out!

Ladies, gentlemen, and everything in between, tis I! Superfolder Hades, returning with an icon! Where we last left Mac Astley, he was packing his bags and getting shipped off to Caesar Middle School! And wow, things sure do happen. You’ll be catching up with along of old characters from past tales, and some very important new characters, most notably, the ROU’s main villain!



Hey, dear Superfolders,

Guillermo here. So one thing we’re all familiar with around the site is the concept of the ‘good old’ wishing skittles.

As you may know, one of the council’s aims is to improve your writing skills, as well as our own. However, every time the wishing skittles are used in a story, the chance to write a good, coherent plot with reality disappears.

The skittles have been around for a long while, but like F.O.L.D, I would reccomend you to permantely pause the skittles as a way of justifying certain events in the plot of your main stories (of course, elseworlds is a sandbox, so you can do whatever you want there. But every story which has the skittles will be immediately sent to elseworlds).

Thanks! – The SFC Council

ROU Sunday- Everything Changes

Well, well, well, howdy does it? May I say you sir, look lovely today! Anyways, I’m here to present to you a story that will change the ROU forever, and trust me, if you think this one’s big, you should see what the next few have in store! I proudly present, The Foust Chronicles: The Backseat of Fire.



Good afternoon my oodles and yoodles, Hades here with some wild news! Today marks the one year anniversary of my creation of the Rick Riordan Origami Universe!

I have some behind the scenes info for you, first and foremost.

1. Pleaty Jackson’s name was something I had to debate over for a long time, and I came up with several different names. The first name, “Peyton” came up, as well as the last name, “Adamson.” It was incredibly close to actually being Jackson Ordonia, a name that I’m actually using for a future character in Pleaty Jackson 2!

Ultimately, it was Origami Luke 100 who came up with the name. The story has it that him and I were texting back and forth when I asked what I should name Pleaty Jackson. He was cooking and listening to music. The food? Macaroni and Cheese. The song? Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

2. I recently had to go through and make several changes to the previous ROU stories for continuity’s sake. Mallory and Charlie are not siblings, though Charlie does have a younger sibling you’ll be meeting in Fold 3.

3. Annashred Crease’s story went through SEVERAL changes and rewrites, and the published story was written in a week!

4. I actually rebooted the ROU, several times, actually. I’m thinking about reworking these stories into something new that can fit into canon.

5. The image below is the earliest known trace of the ROU.

6. Mac has a long name. His full name is Mackerel Ferdinand Rick Astley. This is not a joke.

I’d also like to announce a oneshot/Mainline tale (I haven’t decided.)

CHRONOS: Man Versus Merrick

In this story, we will look at Fold One from the angle of Sebastian Merrick, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see him in a new light. 😉

Oh yeah, Jason Plates Versus Pleater McCrease is out. https://superfoldercentral.com/btfolds/the-riordan-origami-universe/rou-fold-2-the-dark-ages/jason-plates-versus-pleater-mccrease/

The Serapis Saga Takes Flight!

What’s good, my darlings, SF Hades here, returning to present to you SF Thrawn’s oneshot, DIRECTLY correlated to his story, The Foust Chronicles: The Red Pyramid Scheme, I present THE FLIGHT OF HOURUS!

Furthermore, The Flight of Hourus will serve as the start to a saga that’s planning predates the very start of the ROU! I proudly present…

Lore OrigOlympus Has Dropped!

Hey remember Sebastian Merrick? He’s here now. Follow his trials and tremulations adapting to the new world he’s in after Fold One, and see new characters, each that are sure to return, and mean big things for the future of the ROU… stay tuned.

ROU Sunday #11

Welcome to the Carter Institute! We promise you’ll love it here! https://superfoldercentral.com/btfolds/the-riordan-origami-universe/rou-fold-2-the-dark-ages/the-foust-chronicles-the-red-pyramid-scheme/

ROU Saturday???

Sorry if I scared you, no, the ROU will not be continuing on Saturdays. Sunday’s where it’s at, baby! Today is a prologue of sorts. A Recap of Fold One!

Well, youngbloods, you certainly are in for a twisted tale. 

Mac Astley. Sixth school. Six year. And boy, it’s a weird school. 


They called him a troublemaker. 

But people believed in him. A lot of people. 

Ximena Strohm, a rival turned ally. Her past checkered by treachery, left unable to truly forgive her friends- and herself. A social pariah. She is- Annashred Crease.

Dennis Redwood. One of the lost, one of the betrayed. Fearful. Afraid. The first gift of Astley, the confidence, finding love on his own, in Mallory Leavings. He is- OriGrover. 

Lina Kemp, gone and returned with a wink and a wisecrack. 

And of course, the OrigOlympians. Man-children in charge of young adults. 

Charles Emily, the unaligned. The one cut from the family tree, his two children having capitalist tragedies of their own. 

Samuel Kurtis, the careless. The poor step-child. It was Charles and Samuel who cared for the sickly Mother, abandoned off by the favorite child. Leads to downward spiral, father of a child, Mac Astley. 

Varsity Kemp. The one who hungers for power. 

But does she deserve it? 

Perhaps not. 

Tragedy strikes. Betrayed by his Father, his people, and the one who betrayed all the others before him- the son of Hermes, Sebastian Merrick- he leaves. 

Make that his seventh school, in six years. 

Bloodlines severed after failure upon failure, he leaves. But not without making a statement. 

He brings light into the eyes of Merrick, and he betrays the one who betrayed his interest, his friends interest. The pupil was the master all along, Flynn Macintosh.

For five tales, you’ve seen how the evil lurked in the greatest of souls, but now, you will see how good can be found in the soul which is most lost, and that one word can change everything. 


May The Fourth Be With You!

-The SFCouncil

ROU Sunday #9: And here we… go